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25+ Years Experience

Our clients come to us with some of life’s most difficult circumstances. We respect privacy and confidentiality during our consultation and throughout the investigative process.

When you work with Remote Risk Management, you are getting 25+ years of hard earned, street experience.

Case Types

Matrimonial Infidelity, Surveillance, Child Custody, and so much more. Each case that comes in will receive a thorough consultation as the first step. Our clients are the most important part of our business, and as a result we have been able to retain high level clientele for years to come.

We are not your average 9-5 office, our crew is hitting the streets everyday tailing suspects, doing high security surveillance, running deep background checks and networking with our valuable friends in law enforcement, attorney offices and of course, other investigators.

Investigations can take you to all places and all walks of life, and at Remote Risk Management, we are willing to follow our leads at any cost to get you the information you need.



Confidential & Private

We are constantly updating our knowledge and technology that we use in the field. RRM is working with the highest quality GPS tracking devices, surveillance equipment, video and audio recorders and numerous other tricks.

Rest assured that each and every one of our clients information is kept strictly confidential. We work hard to earn the respect and business of our clients, and never give out client information.

Reasonable rates, credit cards accepted.


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