When you need a Private Investigator, something serious must be going on. You need answers that no one else can provide. Our investigators will go the lengths necessary and put in the ground work to get your answers. If you need a Private Investigator now, call 1-800-98-DETECTIVE .

Whether you require one investigator, or an entire team, we have got you covered. During a divorce or a child custody case, we can get you the answers you need to make sure your life goes as planned in the future. We will work directly with you, providing you information, surveillance and updates regarding your case.

If you are looking for a missing person, or a long lost person, we will be able to help you. We offer skip tracing services. This means we will help you locate a person who went missing involuntarily, or voluntarily. Whether your case is an abduction, a missing child, a long lost relative, an estranged person, or someone running from a troubled past, such as a teen or criminal, we will help you locate them with our tried and true methods of investigating.


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Each of our professional private investigators are licensed and have extensive experience in the fields of infidelity investigations, background checks, employee verifications and more. They are trained to follow the law and provide advice and information regarding your situation. Each case will be reviewed and handled differently with the tools necessary to get the job done. If you need a Private Investigator for any reason, whether it is child custody, marital infidelity, or cohabitation, please reach out to us today at 1-800-98-DETECTIVE.